The Corazon Compensation Survey 2017

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Disclaimer: Please note that Corazon Survey Reports are intended for individuals affiliated with hospitals, health systems, physician practices, and other healthcare delivery organizations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The impact of the Cardiovascular, Neuroscience, and Orthopedic service lines on the overall success of an organization has placed a high demand for qualified administrators within these specialties. In fact, the increasing demand for talent has resulted in a diminishing supply of qualified individuals, creating a significant need for the recruitment of these specialized service line professionals across the country. Corazon remains ahead of industry trends to better serve our clients and to help organizations gain the information necessary to make well-informed decisions related to service line leadership, structure, and operations for improved performance.

Corazon conducted a Compensation Survey to gauge current pay structures in the national marketplace, as well as typical reporting hierarchy and overall responsibilities of service line leaders within these specialties. This in-depth Report of Findings reveals the latest benchmarks from a survey of service line leaders in the Cardiovascular, Neuroscience, and Orthopedic specialties from organizations across the country. Through colorful graphs and easy-to-understand explanatory text and value-added commentary, this report shows what progressive programs are doing to recruit and retain program leadership and how these efforts have evolved over the last few years.

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