The Service Line Approach: Thriving in the Era of Reform

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While the service (or product) line concept has existed for greater than six decades in other industries, only in the past 10-15 years has the healthcare sector begun to realize the great benefits in transitioning from compartmentalized ‘silos’ organized along departmental reporting lines to a more encompassing programmatic approach. The service line approach is best structured with primary (focused) care areas in a direct reporting relationship with centralized management. Some of the changes that have become necessary with recent healthcare reform initiatives only bolster the need for greater service line development.

The service line concept has applications that are hospital-wide and can have significant impact on the operational and financial success of an organization.

Learn About:

  • The Rationale for Service Line Management
  • Strategic Planning for a Successful Service Line
  • Determining Service Line Structure
  • Remaining Viable as a Service Line
  • Making the Concept Work
  • And More...

The service line model can differentiate a program while positioning it for long-term success, and has new implications due to healthcare reform. Learn more about this innovative management structure today!

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