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About CorazonCorazon is the national leader in providing the full continuum of Consulting, Recruitment, Interim Management, and Accreditation for the Heart, Vascular, Neuroscience, and Orthopedic specialties. No other firm has Corazon’s diverse range of offerings within niched clinical specialties. Corazon’s team of Service Line Experts assist hospital leaders and physicians across the country and in Canada with unparalleled expertise, impartial advice, and progressive thinking to help clients reach their highest growth potential and achieve sustainable success.

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Our Mission

We improve the way patient care is delivered through partnerships, innovation, and expertise.

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Creating an outstanding program is no easy task. It takes the proper fusion of insight, experience, and perseverance. Corazon provides a full range of services for program development across multiple care continuums, operating in the unique space where business and patient care intersect. We use proven methodologies to offer clients the tools necessary to create a winning program.

Corazon is Your Total Program Solution!

Our Clients

Corazon is a national leader in strategic program development for the HEART, VASCULAR, NEUROSCIENCE, SPINE, and ORTHOPEDIC service lines. Our team of experts offers unparalleled consulting, recruitment, interim management, and accreditation services to clients across the United States and in Canada. We’ve worked with all types of hospitals and practices in 44 states, and our clients will attest to the success we’ve helped them achieve through our proven models and results-driven approach.
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Case Studies

The Corazon Team has had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of hospitals and physician practices from coast to coast.

Download a Case Study to read about the work we’ve completed at a few select client sites, and the impressive results we’ve helped these organizations achieve.

Baptist Medical Center South

Specialty Program Development

Baptist Medical Center SouthBaptist Medical Center South in Montgomery, Alabama, a 463-bed not-for-profit hospital offering comprehensive health services for people throughout the state, has a long history of providing care for neuroscience patients, particularly those affected by stroke. Recognition of the need for expanded neuroscience and orthopedic capabilities led Baptist to consider new opportunities through a comprehensive strategic planning initiative…the goal: to shape both neurosciences and orthopedics specialties for the future.

Physician Alignment

Physician AlignmentBaptist Medical Center South in Montgomery, Alabama, a 463-bed not-for-profit hospital, has a long history of providing comprehensive care for musculoskeletal patients, particularly total joint replacement, spine, fracture, and sports medicine Given the significant contribution of the orthopedic services to the financial health of the hospital and the close relationship with the orthopedic Surgeons, both parties decided to pursue a closer alliance to solidify the relationship and synchronize goals and incentives.

Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center

Neuroscience Program Expansion

Bon Secours DePaul Medical CenterCorazon client DePaul Medical Center, part of the BonSecours Health System, has a long, rich history as a faith-based healthcare provider. Challenges of declining reimbursement, the need for significant capital investment, competition for physician expertise, and outmigration of tertiary patients to competitors had made it increasingly difficult for Bon Secours to meet the comprehensive healthcare needs of the community.

Georgia Hospital/New Cardiovascular Service Line

Director of Cardiovascular Services Recruitment

Georgia Hospital RecruitmentA Georgia hospital worked with Corazon for several years in developing expanded cardiovascular services. Upon establishing the broad service line structure, the hospital leadership realized a need for a full-time Director of Cardiovascular Services. Corazon’s existing knowledge of the facility and the dedication of the medical center team led to a placement within two months of kicking off the search, allowing for a smooth transition as the new program and service line structure were finalized.

Gwinnett Medical Center

Advanced Cardiac Services Expansion (PCI & Cardiac Surgery)

Gwinnett Medical CenterGwinnett Medical Center partnered with Corazon to provide advanced levels of cardiac services, including coronary interventions and surgery, both much needed in their community. Starting in 2003 with a program plan and a Certificate of Need application, the expansion included a parallel track which allowed care to begin even sooner. Since going live, both programs have far exceeded their projected volumes and the hospital continues to receive recognition for their high quality cardiovascular program.

Mills-Peninsula Medical Center

Joint Replacement Program

Mills-Peninsula Medical CenterMills-Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame, California offers a full array of inpatient and outpatient orthopedic services within a state-of-the art facility. The medical center had long considered the development of a formalized total joint (TJR) replacement program, but was hindered by limited experience in orthopedic program development, along with a lack of focus and dedicated resources. Corazon was engaged to serve as project leader to initiate the expansion to a formalized TJR Center and ensure continued momentum throughout implementation.

Multi-Site Health System

Cardiovascular Service Line Restructuring

Hub and Spoke ModelCorazon assisted a large health system in the Midwest with service consolidation of their multi-site Cardiovascular Service Line. A proven approach to regionalize key services within a health system may allow providers to meet the market demands while sustaining Return on Investment, quality outcomes, and the health system’s trusted brand.

Neuroscience Process Change

Neuroscience Program: Measuring the Impact of Process Change

Neuroscience Process ChangeA recent survey of hospital CEOs in the U.S. identified cost containment and the maximizing of revenue capture as top priorities. And given ever-growing industry emphasis on quality, hospitals must find ways to ensure best practice care comes at the lowest possible cost.

In the face of this finding, it may, on the surface, be counter-intuitive to suggest the engagement of an outside consultant in an effort to control costs, when an organization has already invested in qualified and competent service line leadership within the full-time work force. However, organizational leaders at the service line level are often consumed with day-to-day operations and, over time, are called upon to assume additional responsibilities.

The resulting dilution of work effort and diversion of attention means less time available to devote to the detailed evaluation, identification, and root cause analysis of operational inefficiencies that are directly and negatively impacting the organization’s bottom line.

Oregon Heart Center

Vascular Surgeon Recruitment & Practice Development

Oregon Heart CenterCorazon client Oregon Heart Center been a single-specialty group for over 30 years, working exclusively with Salem Hospital serving patients of the community for cardiology services. When the hospital set the goal to build a vascular program, the practice agreed to expand to vascular as well, and recruit new specialists to the group, working with Corazon to identify and hire the right talent.

UPMC Pinnacle Memorial

CEREBROS™-Cerner Interface Development

Memorial HospitalUPMC Pinnacle Memorial in York, Pennsylvania made Primary Stroke Center development a priority based on the healthcare needs of their community and recent legislative changes in their state. To that end, they worked with Corazon to pursue accreditation and implemented the CEREBROS™ Stroke Patient Management and Navigation System. Following Memorial’s transition to the Cerner Electronic Health Record, interfaces were developed to fully integrate CEREBROS™ throughout the full episode of care for the stroke patient population.

Yavapai Regional Medical Center

Comprehensive Spine Services Development

Yavapai Regional Medical CenterYavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott, Arizona was already providing spine services, but realized many patients were leaving the area to seek care an hour or more away from home. The hospital worked with Corazon to establish goals for their comprehensive spine program and ensure these initiatives became a reality. A market assessment, facility review, and other components were central to developing the strategic direction for the spine program. The result is a highly collaborative spine center that is experiencing continued growth and is differentiated from competitors due to high quality and patient satisfaction scores.

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Corazon supports numerous other charitable causes yearly, and makes an effort to be involved in and accountable to our local community and the needs of others here, across the country, and around the world. Corazon is proud to take an active role in the following community organizations —

Our Partners

Corazon has created not only a large client base across the country, but also a diverse network of alliances with companies that provide healthcare products or services that complement Corazon’s scope of consulting, recruitment, interim management, and accreditation within the cardiovascular, neuroscience, spine, and orthopedic specialties. We work with these healthcare resource firms to ensure our clients, colleagues, and contacts in the industry have the tools they need to create outstanding programs in EVERY way.