SCAI-Endorsed Cardiovascular Program Accreditation from the Service Line Experts

Corazon’s unique value comes from a consultative and collaborative approach that supports clients’ efforts toward achieving this important distinction for market leadership and/or a competitive advantage.

Corazon Accreditation offers two varying levels to best serve your cardiovascular programs’ needs for quality assurance, state requirements, or performance improvement efforts.

Corazon's Approach for Accreditation:

Evaluate. Enhance. Excel.
Corazon Platinum Accreditation

Accredited Services

Chest Pain Center

Open Heart Surgery


Peripheral Vascular Intervention



Heart Failure

Formal Quality Oversight

Collaborative and educational approach for achieving excellence

Onsite surveyor participation at Cardiovascular Quality Meetings

Ongoing quality dashboard review with a minimum of quarterly feedback

Best-practice evaluation through ad hoc tracer activities

Best-practice industry recommendations

If elected, a formal peer review involving a practicing physician in the specialty being reviewed

Option for an onsite meeting with a Corazon Physician Advisor and Corazon Surveyor

Peer review can be selected ad hoc

Summary of Findings included

Our Proven Accreditation Process

Onsite comprehensive program review

The surveyor(s) will review all documentation requested, such as order sets, checklists, patient pathways, tertiary agreements, and transport agreements.

Clinical staff evaluation

Ensure all staff possess the appropriate credentials, ongoing education offerings, and a review of all clinical competencies.

Optimize patient pathways

Assessed through the facilitation of tracer activities.

Clinical outcomes analysis

Occurs quarterly and involves a review of the most recent quarter of registry data. A comprehensive dashboard is provided as a deliverable.

External case review

Performed by a practicing Corazon physician advisor.

Address any program deficiencies

Written summary of opportunities as they are identified.

Communication with state/regulatory bodies

If mandated, a letter and/or summary is sent to the specific regulatory agency.

Statement of accreditation

Issued upon successful completion of the onsite survey and no deficiencies were noted.

Benefits of Corazon Accreditation include:

  • Marketability and public awareness;
  • Quality improvement mechanisms;
  • Standardization of patient care;
  • And more!

Corazon Accreditation Guarantee

100% of Corazon Accreditation Clients have reported complete satisfaction with the accreditation process and outcome!

Unique Features & Exceptional Elements

Over 20 years of experience working with cardiovascular programs across the country

Corazon Surveyor Team has over 400 years of combined cardiovascular experience

National leader in Accreditation across the full Cardiovascular Care Continuum

Availability of the service 24/7

Staff training and competency standards

History of collaboration with State Regulatory Agencies

Data and reports, such as submissions for the American College of Cardiology, NCDR, STS, or other participating registry

Quality monitoring policies, patient selection criteria, and risk stratification

Transfer agreement with a nearby hospital offering open heart surgery with demonstrated ability for rapid transport, hemodynamic support, and transport drill documentation

Educational Resources

healthcare consulting
In our most recent user group session, Dr. Steven Harrington, CT Surgeon and one of Corazon’s Medical Advisors, discussed how peer review provides continuous feedback and opportunities for ongoing learning, alongside opportunities to recognize and standardize best practice. Watch the video clip below to hear Dr. Harrington summarize those key considerations.
In one of Corazon’s user group sessions, Dr. Richard Howard, Medical Director & Interventional Cardiologist from one of our accredited programs that has shown exceptional Contrast Induced Nephropathy (CIN) performance, offered insight and strategies to assist in the reduction of CIN. Watch the video clip below to hear the summary of key considerations and how to move your CIN metric in the right direction.
Corazon Webinar


  • Webinar Recording: The Levels of Accreditation: An Introductory Look
    Corazon’s unique E3 accreditation process brings many and varied programmatic benefits to cardiovascular service lines, including increased focus on clinical quality and outcomes, increased data transparency, consideration for strategic planning and growth initiatives, and physician and hospital leadership collaboration to help enhance a program’s success. Listen as Corazon’s experts discuss which accreditation level is best suited for your program needs.



Are you ready to take your cardiovascular service line to the next level?

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