COVID-19 Strategies & Resources

Corazon already has the expertise and experience to assist healthcare facilities and physician practices with successfully planning for the impact of COVID-19. Corazon can help hospitals consider the best plan of action now, and for the future, so that the effect on key service lines such as cardiovascular, neuroscience, and orthopedics is mitigated as best as possible. Read more in a message from our President & CEO, Karen Hartman.

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Emergency Preparedness: Remote Telehealth Mobilization

The current healthcare environment is moving more rapidly than ever before given the global crisis surrounding COVID-19, which has placed an increased spotlight on the utility of telehealth platforms to maximize social distancing while still providing patient care. Corazon can work with you to quickly and efficiently plan for and implement telehealth approaches.

Service Line Operations
Service Line Disruption: Strategies for Short- and Long-Term Planning Around COVID-19

Concerns about clinical and operational impact are paramount to hospital and service line leaders everywhere, as a “new normal” in healthcare is established, though it’s changing day to day. Corazon can help you quickly implement new strategies and approaches for program operations during this pandemic, while simultaneously addressing immediate needs and highlighting future preparedness strategies.

Specialty Recruitment Services
Specialty Recruitment Services

It’s increasingly vital to keep a focus on current physician openings and leadership needs to keep operations running smoothly in all areas. A fully-staffed program can make all the difference in your service line performance during this critical period and beyond. Our team is very actively sourcing and vetting candidates for our current clients, as well as scheduling Skype virtual visits post-screening.

Corazon Webinar

Distance Learning

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected virtually and use social distancing time to take advantage of distance learning events. Corazon is available to help our clients and colleagues at this unprecedented time as COVID-19 majorly impacts hospitals all over the country. Our COVID-19 Preparedness Series will continue to be offered weekly with new topics as information changes almost daily. Sign-up through our website for these and other webinars available to you at no charge:

Service Line Disruption

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  • Service Disruption: Practical Strategies for Program Revival Post-COVID-19  – COMPLETED
    Thursday, May 14 at 12 PM ET
        • COVID-19: The “New Normal” – Are We There Yet? How Do We Get There?COMPLETED
          Wednesday, June 3 at 12 PM ET
              • COVID-19: The “New Normal” – How Have We Evolved? A Physician’s Perspective – COMING SOON
                Wednesday, July 1 at 12 PM ET

              Telehealth Mobilization

              healthcare consulting

              • Telehealth Infrastructure & Process Demands: Best PracticesCOMPLETED
                Wednesday, April 22 at 12 PM ET
              • Effectively Managing Telehealth Compliance coupled with Coding & BillingCOMPLETED
                Thursday, May 7 at 12 PM ET
              • Telehealth Considerations for Equipment, Staffing, & Patient Capacity ModelsCOMPLETED
                Thursday, May 21 at 12 PM ET

              Check back for links to register for each event and ongoing webinar updates in our COVID-19 Preparedness Series.
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              COVID-19 News

              Corazon Medical Expert, Dr. Bob Biederman, Medical Director, CV Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center at Allegheny General Hospital, appeared on the local Pittsburgh news to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the heart and lungs. Corazon has been working diligently with our clients on ways to adjust specialty CV and neuro programs now, and with strategies for the near-future when these specialty services will need to rebound and accept the deferred elective cases, in addition to patients who delayed treatment due to concerns over the pandemic.

              Are you ready to put a plan into action?