Webinar Recording - Women & Heart Disease: Program Development to Meet Ongoing Community Need

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Women account for greater than 65% of cardiovascular (CV) patients and influence over 90% of healthcare decision making for a household. Moreover, research has documented that women have unique symptoms when presenting with a heart attack, and they have higher morbidity and mortality rates after a CV event. Heart disease is by far the #1 killer of women in the U.S., with 1 in 5 diagnosed with heart disease.
Women’s Heart Health Programs, whether in the firm of gender-specific screening and education or a designated stand-alone Center, can serve as an effective gateway to women’s purchasing power. They have potential to differentiate your heart program from competitors, and can expand the top of the CV service line funnel for downstream volume and revenue. Further, since women are more compliant with care plans than men, they will likely experience better clinical outcomes, leading to better cost outcomes for the program if/when patients are diagnosed early and managed consistently.
Presented in partnership with Corazon alliance member Vicki Lucas, Principal of Vicki Lucas, LLC, this session discussed the strategic business development of these programs in traditional payor and value-based payor environments, along with the potential for direct and downstream return-on-investment. Join us to explore the importance of women-specific programming within cardiovascular services, and the steps needed to implement a successful approach through building effective synergies with an existing CV program.
Join our experts for a this webinar that:
  • Outlined the top ten strategies for success when considering branded program components or full service line or Center implementation.
  • Explored how to take advantage of significant direct and downstream benefits of a women’s heart program, such as halo volume to other service lines, philanthropic fundraising opportunities, and partnerships with Women’s Heart organizations.
  • Detailed program options that can increase public relations visibility and the value of CV program marketing dollars.

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