Webinar Recording - The Impact of Accreditation on Program Quality: Evaluate. Enhance. Excel.

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Varying perspectives exist about the ideal requirements necessary to improve access to advanced cardiac care while keeping clinical quality and patient outcomes as key priorities. Program accreditation has swiftly moved to the strategic forefront for programs in states that employ more strict criteria related to the ability to offer life-saving clinical services. In states without formal guidelines, accreditation can be equally valuable for verifying best-practice, and in the process, providing a competitive advantage for a service that’s becoming more widespread into all hospital and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) settings.
Corazon’s customized collaborative E3 Accreditation Approach – Evaluate. Enhance. Excel. – takes key CV program data and translates that into actionable items for optimizing quality, along with clinical, operational, and overall performance measures that could have financial impact. Join Corazon to gain insight into the value of our process for ongoing program quality assurance and best practice, and how this proven approach can help your hospital or ASC achieve and sustain program excellence and offer opportunities for market differentiation.
The E3 accreditation journey is unique and was presented to highlight and outline key elements including:
  • Understanding the rationale for accreditation and the programmatic value of this strategy;
  • Facilitating physician and executive leadership involvement in effort to drive performance improvement and program excellence;
  • Achieving program standardization through outcomes data and best practices;
  • Establishing the building blocks for a growth strategy to create the foundation towards overall success;
  • Branding your program as a fully accredited program and industry leader;
  • Sustaining quality through performance improvement initiatives for program excellence today and into the future.

Learn how Corazon’s E3 approach has assisted numerous programs across the country to achieve accreditation and offer outstanding patient care.

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