Webinar Recording - The Heart / Brain Connection: Opportunity for Neuro Intervention in the Cardiac Space

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Organizations that experience success with a well-established, fully-functional cath lab often find that initial achievement of goals (quality, volume, revenue, etc.) is quickly followed by questions about how to sustain it for the long term. Questions about program expansion are usually the first to emerge, often accompanied by considerations to either open additional labs or grow the scope of clinical capabilities.

Indeed, making the decision to expand isn’t always easy. In fact, many established programs find it difficult to take the next step in cath lab development due to the clinical, financial, and operational challenges associated with such an initiative, especially in today’s economy. When considering such an expansion, you may want to look beyond the patient population traditionally associated with cardiac cath labs and consider the integration of programs outside cardiac alone. The inclusion of neurovascular interventional capabilities within the cath lab setting can be key to optimal utilization of resources, increased staff efficiency, and streamlined operations.

Join our experts for this webinar that:

  • Reviewed current state of cardiovascular services and upcoming changes associated with overall volumes
  • Examined legislative changes related to thrombectomy-capable centers and their impact on your organization
  • Explained the ability to capitalize on current cardiac cath lab/hybrid /radiology interventional suites with the addition of neurological services
  • Evaluated the overall business value in adding neuro intervention services to your organization

Position your cardiovascular program for future growth and success with the addition of neuro interventions…Corazon shared the hows and whys of such an initiative, and explored this next-level aspect of the heart and brain connection. Cross-service expansion in CV and neuro can bring great potential for overall progress and prosperity for both programs.

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