Webinar Recording - The Heart & Brain Connection: Maintaining Programmatic Profit Margins Despite High Costs

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The cardiovascular and neuroscience specialties are among the most financially-profitable for hospitals, and also garner high potential growth across the service line. But, with these revenue and volume opportunities comes focused scrutiny in terms of operational efficiency, quality, and cost from the federal government, regulatory agencies, insurance providers, advocacy groups, and industry watchdogs…

But while the delivery of care in these specialties is becoming less restrictive, especially considering the move to less-acute outpatient care settings for CV and neuro procedures, payment(s) for the care provided is being tightened.Amid industry-wide financial pressures following COVID-19, changes to reimbursement, ongoing restricted access to capital, and more, all hospital or program leaders should understand the financial situation of the service line and how positive margins can be achieved and maintained despite the challenges.

This webinar outlined strategies and tactics to ensure that the financial health of your organization remains viable, including new ideas along with proven techniques such as:

  • Accurate Cost Tracking
  • Refined Supply and Device Management Processes
  • Sound Supply and Device Usage Criteria
  • Appropriate Management of Employee Costs
  • Regular Updating of Cost Reports
  • Accurate Coding and Documentation, and more!

Indeed, growth opportunities are still prevalent in many markets, especially with cardiac, vascular, and neuro conditions ever on the rise. And since many communities remain underserved across the country, a business case for expansion or the achievement of better profit margins is possible!

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