Webinar Recording - The Future of ASCs: Game-changing Outpatient Strategies

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Healthcare is operating within an entirely different business model than when 2020 began. Significant changes in reimbursement rules and payment rates, along with concerns about patient safety across-the-board have been difficult to follow, resulting in the need for new ways to provide service. Many hospitals and physicians are faced with adapting or becoming extinct. One opportunity, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), remains just as promising now as it did at the beginning of the year, maybe even more so, as payment rates have stayed strong in this climate of uncertainty.

During this webinar, Corazon addressed the following:

  • The changes in regulations that allow more procedure types and providers into ASC settings;
  • Critical dos and don’ts in planning facility now and to position for the future;
  • Determining what has to be invested up front, what can be financed, and what can (and should) be outsourced;
  • Where vulnerabilities in agreements, operations, and services exist in current and future arrangements; and
  • How many of those competing outpatient centers were able to remain open and operational throughout the recent pandemic, with barely a beat missed!

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