Webinar Recording - The Business Case for ASC Considerations

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Healthcare delivery is rapidly shifting from the inpatient setting to outpatient and ambulatory settings, a change driven by advances in technology and techniques, as well as reimbursement pressures and evolving patient expectations. Providers have more choices on where to perform procedural care, ranging from hospitals to outpatient surgery departments to freestanding ASCs, or even office-based labs. Given the potential efficiencies that can be gained and positive experience with the OP setting, providers often follow the path of least resistance and gravitate to non-hospital settings. However, in the short term, reimbursement continues to be much higher for care provided at a hospital compared to an ASC, which creates a dilemma...

While the downstream margins will be favorable, profitability for an ASC can’t happen overnight. But, as the industry continues to move in this direction, hospitals must be prepared to make this shift, and do so with the least impact on the bottom line. The development of an ASC strategy is a must-have for all hospitals, regardless of where in the decision-making or planning process. During this webinar, Corazon experts explored considerations for the pursuit of an ambulatory development strategy to protect against competitive threats while understanding the financial impact – on both the new ASC and the inpatient hospital department.

Join Corazon for this webinar that:

  • Reviewed the current state of ASC development and trends in various hot spots around the country
  • Explored key financial and operational considerations in the development of an effective strategy
  • Shared lessons learned and highlighted tactics and opportunities to compete effectively
  • Discussed the overall rationale for this approach through a look at the eventual bottom line benefits if top-quality care is established

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