Webinar Recording - Showcasing PCI Program Success through an Integrated, Multidisciplinary, & Strategic Approach

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What does it mean to have a truly successful PCI program? Achieving this goal requires a critical look at whole-program performance from multiple angles: quality, operations, financial, physician engagement, patient satisfaction, and more. Increasing industry pressure for transparency, along with consumer research about healthcare provider outcomes, has increased the importance of program differentiation through these indicators. Through Corazon’s Platinum Accreditation, clients receive feedback on all aspects of program performance, in addition to cornerstones like high quality care. This allows for multi-faceted differentiation through accreditation as well as realized program performance milestones. Findings also lend toward goals related to growth, collaboration, and program support to enhance overall success.

Join Corazon's experts for this webinar where attendees:

  • Learned how operational considerations impact quality and other aspects of program performance
  • Understood the importance of financial performance and accuracy to program growth, patient access, sustainability, planning, and other initiatives
  • Learned ways to engage your physicians in the process of maintaining excellence in all areas of program performance
  • Understood how all of these components are managed through Corazon’s recently-launched Gold Plus and Platinum Accreditation levels
  • Gained perspective on your program’s specific needs for QI and which level can best address those needs

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Disclaimer: Please note that Corazon Webinars are intended for individuals affiliated with hospitals, health systems, physician practices, and other healthcare delivery organizations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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