Webinar Recording - Productivity Gains: Orthopedic & Spine Efficiencies in the OR

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Hospitals everywhere are searching for new ways to create a provider-friendly perioperative experience. Surgeons have many choices on where to perform orthopedic and spine surgery, ranging from competing regional hospitals, to outpatient surgery departments, to freestanding ASCs. Like water, Surgeons tend to follow the path of least resistance and gravitate to facilities that establish efficiencies to make the best use of a surgeon’s time, while allowing for growth, exploration of technology and clinical advances, and work/life balance.

Join Corazon experts for this webinar that

  • Reviewed common challenges faced by Orthopedics and Spine Surgeons
  • Provided strategies and recommendations for improving process efficiencies and productivity
  • Shared lessons learned on what surgeons are looking for in a perioperative experience
  • Highlighted tactics and opportunities to improve surgeon (and patient!) experience in perioperative services

Corazon experts explored tactics and strategies that improve the experience of Orthopedics and Spine surgeons as a means to maintain a competitive advantage as an attractive place to perform surgery. Participants learned how creating and maintaining clinical and operational efficiencies can make your hospital, outpatient center, or ASC a destination for surgeons and patients alike.

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