Webinar Recording - Peer Review: A Strategic Choice for Continuous Quality Improvement

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The concept of peer review within healthcare service lines can be likened to a type of preventive maintenance, much like hospital equipment that involves regularly-scheduled check-ups to avoid a costly fix. Because, why wait for an event to trigger an investigative review and subsequent expensive repair or replacement? In many situations, the “retrospective” review comes at an already associated high cost - something that could have been prevented with ongoing and consistent maintenance.

Peer review, when considered as a strategic approach, provides an external opinion on the quality of care being provided by program physicians. The effort measures compliance with established best practices and guidelines, and engages physicians in continued quality improvement (CQI) by sharing valuable feedback. Peer review can also be used for reviewing positive outcomes as a means to promote successful decision making and expanding on methods that are working well for the facility. Peer review should be facilitated as a means of success, not just as a result of an event.

Join Corazon’s experts for this webinar where attendees learned:

  • How and when to initiate an external peer review process to provide the most benefit to their program;
  • The difference in retrospective and prospective peer review, and the different ways each can impact your organization;
  • The importance of recognizing best practice within your own team to enable standardization and consistently high-quality care; and,
  • Perspectives from Corazon peer review clients related to the value of ongoing external peer review.

Make a difference in the quality and efficiency of your care delivery!

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