Webinar Recording - Options and Opportunity: Does a Structural Heart Program Make Sense for Your Organization?

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The term ‘structural heart disease’ was first introduced at the 1999 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) meeting, and over the past 20 years, tremendous advances in therapeutic modalities and technologies for this disease have emerged. Advancements in TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) and other structural heart therapies like LAAC (left atrial appendage closure) and TMV (transcatheter mitral valve) repair and replacement have expanded the ability to improve quality of life for those suffering from structural conditions.

Heart valve disease is the most common structural heart disease with more than five million Americans diagnosed each year. Of these patients, approximately 4 million have significant mitral valve insufficiency, 250,000 suffer from mitral regurgitation, and 1.5 million have aortic stenosis (AS), of which more than 500,000 have been classified as severe. And with an aging population, people living longer, and many patients going un- or under-treated, the demand for programmatic inclusion of these treatments becomes clear.

Nationwide there is a recognized lack of availability for appropriate care, chief among just these few of many reasons to consider adding structural heart offerings to the scope of CV services at your organization. However, a dedicated structural heart program can be clinically intense, financially expensive, and operationally complex to initiate.

During this webinar, Corazon experts explored the important value of adding structural heart offerings to your organization and the steps needed to implement a program efficiently and with positive bottom line impact.

Join our experts for this important webinar that:

  • Evaluated the business case for adding structural heart services to your program – what is the cost and benefit equation for your unique situation.
  • Reviewed what a structural heart program can bring to an organization, especially in terms of new volume and revenue, heightened local or regional reputation, and next-level talent.
  • Discussed the necessary clinical and operational requirements for implementation of specific structural heart programs such as TAVR, mitraclip, LAAO, and PFO.

Position your cardiovascular program for future growth and success by understanding your potential in structural heart services!

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