Webinar Recording - Open Heart Surgery FastCheck: Achieving Quality in a Complex Service

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Cardiac Surgical Services have become more complex to manage and programs are facing tremendous pressure to ensure quality, profitability, and overall viability, particularly as the county recovers from the COVID-19 crisis. Oftentimes, program administrators and physician leaders are forced to rely on assumptions related to clinical, operational, and financial performance to make decisions for their cardiac surgery programs.

The Corazon experts shared proven methods for ensuring that your Cardiac Surgery Program is on track, which included Corazon’s FastCheck: Open Heart Surgery assessment approach. CV service lines have historically been a growth engine for hospitals, and the performance of the program has profound implications across the entire hospital and/or health-system, especially as effects from the costs of COVID-19 are felt. As many executive teams look to the CV service line to help support revenue lost during the pandemic, outstanding performance in this specialty is a must.

Join Corazon's experts for this webinar that:

  • Discussed the latest industry trends with Cardiac Surgery program structures and monitoring of performance
  • Identified where Cardiac Surgery programs are finding success in outcomes, even with industry disrupters, and where other programs are not performing to best expectations
  • Discussed how OHS accreditation can enhance quality and help maintain best-practice operations for program optimization
  • Explained the elements of the Corazon FastCheck Open Heart Surgery assessment that includes on-site observation, operational analysis, and a timeline of recommendations

Learn how to position your Cardiac Surgery Program for success by maximizing internal operational efficiencies, producing consistent and meaningful financial reports, and exceeding national standards in cardiac surgical clinical outcomes. Take advantage of the best resources to fully optimize outcomes in your Cardiac Surgery Program!

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