Webinar Recording - New Jersey Regulatory Changes: Understanding the Cardiovascular Impact

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As of February 23, 2021, New Jersey has updated regulations for PCI as stated in the Assembly, No. 1176 document from The NJ Legislature. The New Jersey regulations governing Angioplasty (PCI) with off-site open heart surgery are now expanded to allow for increased access to cardiovascular care. The New Jersey DOH is required to license certain hospitals to offer full-service diagnostic cardiac catheterization, primary angioplasty, and elective angioplasty services based on this new bill. Hospitals in New Jersey must consider how this will affect their cardiovascular program finances, operations, and patient reach immediately.

Join Corazon's experts, along with special guest speakers Pete Lillo, a government and public relations strategist who has worked extensively with a NJ Hospital Coalition on behalf of community hospitals desiring increased access to advanced cardiovascular care, and Carlos Marconi, Director of Cardiology at Saint Clare's Hospital in Denville, NJ, and listen to this session that provided:

  • Explanation of the new regulations and what they mean for Cath & PCI program operations;
  • Discussion on how these changed regulations will drive CV program access and quality;
  • The rationale for accreditation and peer review in the context of the new state mandates;
  • Client examples and real-world accreditation results; and more!

Is your hospital prepared for these significant changes? Corazon has been working with advocates and the NJ coalition hospitals and so we understand the full scope and impact of the new regulation.

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