Webinar Recording - Engaging Your Team: Finalizing the Onboarding Process and Looking to the Future

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Onboarding is a multi-faceted process that begins during recruitment. If done well, the new leader or physician will be off to a strong start in the organization. Likewise, a successful onboarding process aids significantly in alignment and retention efforts. Often overlooked is having a thoughtful and well-orchestrated orientation plan in place for newly hired placements. Savvy hospitals understand the power of first impressions and use the onboarding process to help new hires feel connected to the organization from their first day on the job.

Recruiting and retaining the right physician begins with understanding your organization’s needs and matching them with what your organization can offer. Recruit high-quality candidates and interview them carefully to find the right fit. How do you develop an approach that ensures a productive and collaborative partnership will serve to advance not only the candidate’s own professional goals, but also the programmatic goals of the organization?

During this last session in our recruitment webinar series, Corazon experts addressed:

  • The importance of having a thoughtful and well-orchestrated orientation plan in place
  • What the contracting process entails and how this impacts your financial structure
  • Monitoring performance and holding placements accountable to program goals, organizational vision, and also national benchmarks
  • How to retain your new hire with alignment goals for the future and succession planning

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