Webinar Recording - Chest Pain Center Accreditation: Valuable Strategy / Varied Benefits

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Raising the bar in managing the chest pain patient population is increasingly difficult in these trying times. But, Corazon believes that accreditation of a Chest Pain Center is becoming a valuable strategy for market differentiation and raising awareness of this condition through educating and engaging the community, first responders, clinicians, patients, and physicians. This session shared the positive impact that CPC Accreditation has on the entire CV care continuum, while showcasing the importance of data collection for achieving and then promoting the stellar outcomes that will follow.

Join Corazon’s experts as they discussed how and why to:

  • Expand collaboration with first responders (EMS and/or fire rescue)
  • Engage and integrate physicians across the emergency department, non-invasive areas, and invasive cardiology
  • Standardize protocols as “best practice” for care consistency while becoming a destination CP receiving center

Attendees learned how Corazon’s unique, collaborative approach to Chest Pain Center Accreditation translates into market differentiation through optimized quality and improved patient satisfaction through this designation. In addition, participants understood how the in-depth reviews of clinical and operational measures through the accreditation effort lend to opportunities for growth and viability for the future of chest pain care.

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