Webinar Recording - Cardiac Procedural Care in the Future: A Shift to ASCs - A Panel Discussion

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As many states reevaluate regulations that oversee the procedures that can be performed in Ambulatory Surgery Centers, this inevitable shift is happening at various speeds across the country. More and more procedures are moving from the hospital inpatient setting into ASCs or OBLs, mostly due to permitted reimbursement codes, clinical technology advances, and proof of patient safety for further case types, including cardiac intervention (PCI). As additional procedures move out of the hospital, there are many clinical, operational, and financial factors to consider.

Join industry experts for this Corazon-moderated panel discussion that will take a comprehensive view of cardiac care in the ASC setting. Via an interactive roundtable format, participants will hear about important topics related to this shift, and be able to ask questions and gain insight into all facets, including:

  1. High-level strategic planning for determining market and patient potential, including the determination of realistic expectations for volume opportunity while considering patient selection and appropriateness.
  2. More granular details of planning that include economic analysis and the cost/benefit/risks of shifting various case types out of the inpatient model; what does this mean for the hospital.
  3. Implementation activities that consider space and facility aspects of the setting of care shift, along with necessary operational changes and needs to ensure a smooth transition.
  4. Nuances of administrative and physician alignment models in consideration of new and/or shared space and equipment; what innovative ownership and leadership models will best position the ASC for success.
  5. Quality assurance in the outpatient setting, despite limited regulatory oversight; how to assure clinical quality and operational efficiencies, and how ASC accreditation can strategically position the organization for excellence.

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