Webinar Recording - Beginning the Search: Using a Vacancy as a Catalyst for Programmatic Change

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An effective recruitment strategy can make all the difference in securing the right talent for a successful specialty program. Finding the best fit for service line leadership, specialty physicians, and administrative roles can take time and resources, especially taking into account pandemic challenges faced in today’s new normal. Having access to a large, national candidate pool increases the likelihood of finding qualified candidates for an open position.

In this first of Corazon's three-part webinar series, the speakers:

  • Discussed the importance of aligning your recruitment strategies with the service line strategic plan and goals
  • Explored the value of retained vs. contingency searches to identify the right clinical and leadership talent
  • Identified opportunities to use a manpower assessment as the basis of specialty development plans and identifying the right talent that is the right fit in the organization
  • Addressed the need for succession planning for physician and administrative roles
  • Reviewed leadership characteristics important to ALL new service line hires

While a position vacancy can be perceived as an overwhelming hurdle, it can also be considered as an excellent opportunity to ensure the continued growth and development of your specialty program.

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