Webinar Recording - Achieving Market Leadership: Differentiation Strategies for Sustainable Growth

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With a growing number of hospitals now offering advanced services, the landscape of key hospital specialties is becoming increasingly competitive…But, hospitals that can achieve superior clinical, financial, and satisfaction outcomes, and then subsequently market these successes, will be differentiated in their marketplace. This webinar discussed the many innovative ways available today to successfully differentiate a specialty service line, underscoring the ultimate importance of program marketing and the need to “stand out” in today’s market, regardless of hospital size or location.

Proven strategies that can lead to market differentiation include:

  • Establishing a clear target market (not just patients but physicians too!)
  • Finding ways to become a patient experience leader via facility, processes, outreach, and more
  • Achieving, maintaining, and then showcasing clinical excellence
  • Seeking unique ways (based on your hospital situation) to become an “innovator”
  • And others

A market differentiation strategy is absolutely necessary to ensure future growth and viability – this session highlighted WHY this is important and the various ways hospital or program leaders can approach the task of carving a unique position in a today’s healthcare environment.

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