Webinar Recording - A Temporary Placement with Permanent Results: How to Gain Lasting Value Using an Interim Professional

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Attendees of this session learned how to turn the increasing healthcare competition and continued uncertainty about the financial and regulatory future into an opportunity to work past an existing lack of momentum and reshape future strategy with a talented interim professional. What is often perceived as a difficult predicament is really an opportunity to apply a short-term investment to yield high-value returns. While an unexpected position vacancy can be perceived as an overwhelming hurdle, it can also be considered an excellent opportunity to ensure the continued growth and development of your program, despite ever-increasing external pressures.

Participants learned about how to derive value from an interim placement through using the temporary placement as a change agent to:

  • Enact plans for quality improvement, new services, or enhanced profitability
  • Strategically implement new ideas, processes, or policies
  • Bring an outside, unbiased, experienced perspective to long-standing program issues
  • Assist with onboarding the eventual new hire to the role and team
  • And more!

Don’t let a key leadership vacancy hinder program growth and viability! Learn how a pre-screened, highly-qualified, ready-to-start Interim Professional can benefit your service line today.

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