Webinar Recording - A Long-Term Value Proposition: Making Sense of Recent Telehealth Reimbursement Changes

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Telemedicine is the new, must-have service in these days of decreasing direct interaction and with recent changes to reimbursement rules, it has never been more lucrative…so why is there still concern of the viability of these programs? In this next iteration of the Telehealth Mobilization webinar series, Corazon’s experts took a deep dive into the concerns of healthcare leaders across the country as they have been faced with the dilemma of investing in infrastructure in an economy that is contracting at a higher rate than even during the Great Depression.

Valid questions and concerns were addressed during this complimentary webinar, including:

  • How do you justify any investment to a medical staff where you are cutting physician positions?
  • Will this remain a valid care delivery model in the future, considering the glitches and issues that are presenting now?
  • Are you cannibalizing growth in one area to support another?
  • Are these reimbursement rule changes temporary?
  • If you lose money on telespecialist services now, how is this service implemented in other areas of the facility and how will this offering be different?

All of these concerns are valid, as well as understanding the equipment costs in terms of start-up maintenance and connectivity and staffing for physicians, support staff, and IT/network specialists. When all of these factors are considered, is there really a positive value proposition for your facility? Corazon can help you determine this and point you in the right direction for the answers.

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