Recruiting Specialty Physicians During Uncertain Times

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The current healthcare recruiting landscape is fraught with uncertainty. Many hospitals are still reeling from the impact of Covid-19, though the pandemic only compounded the challenges that have long existed in terms of service line leadership and physician recruitment for the key specialties of cardiovascular, neuroscience, and orthopedics. The projected shortage of healthcare workers and physicians in the coming years reveals an already difficult situation, but with forced changes due to the Coronavirus, Corazon has found that hospitals across the country are ready to “return to normal,” though that normal will certainly be different than just a year ago.

Learn About:

  • The Impact of the Silver Tsunami
  • The Shortage of Healthcare Professionals
  • The Increasing Competition in Healthcare Services
  • Corazon's Solutions for Placement Challenges
  • And More...

It is vitally important to maintain morale, momentum, and overall program performance during times of change, despite any position vacancy. Understanding the current climate and having the ability to meet ongoing challenges will allow a program to thrive and grow rather than struggle and stagnate. Download the White Paper to learn more!

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