Neuroscience Trends Survey 2019

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Advances in clinical capabilities and treatment options for the neuroscience patient have been truly remarkable over the past decade; in fact, these trends are driving unprecedented growth in both inpatient and outpatient admissions for hospitals across the country.

Unfortunately, though, the ability to deliver advanced neuroscience services in a cost-efficient, clinically sound, patient-centric manner continues to lag. For the first time in history, the clinical tools necessary to treat complex neurologic patients exceeds, for many organizations, the operational ability to efficiently provide that care. Innovative neuroscience leaders at programs of all sizes in many regions are struggling to keep pace with medical advances while attempting to remain within tight budget constraints and still provide patient access to best-practice care.

Thus, as treatment options have expanded so too has the complexity of managing the delivery of cutting-edge services. The significant variation in everything from provider training to facility design and equipment selection requires not only new strategies, but also leadership focused on growth and development. Through colorful graphs and easy-to-understand explanatory text and value-added commentary, this report shows what progressive neuro and spine programs are doing to excel in an ever-growing competitive space, and how these strategies have evolved in recent years.

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