Here are just a few of our featured Interim Professionals available. See their qualifications and skills as a preliminary assessment about whether one of them can fill a vacant position at your organization. Our professionals are pre-screened and can be placed on-site in as little as 24 hours.

Cardiovascular Services Expert

Visionary leader and hospital administrator with 25+ years of experience developing large, accountable teams to deliver strong results, especially in times of change. High performer, consistently recruited to streamline service lines to improve patient care and increase revenue.

Career Highlights

  • Planned, implemented, and led three TAVR programs across the United States.
  • Developed Service Line Councils to align cardiologists and key stakeholders at a large health system having projected cost savings between $836K – $1.2M
  • Designed and implemented health system’s first PET/CT


  • Master of Science, Organizational and Human Resource Development
  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Profile Reference: CCL1-DK

Director, Surgical Services

Senior Healthcare Executive with over thirty-seven years of progressive leadership and management experience in the public and private sectors.

Career Highlights

  • Oversaw the planning, building, and implementation of a new Heart Institute
  • Continually brought in to improve clinical outcomes, implement stability, and make improvements to billing and coding operations across multi-site health systems
  • Worked with physicians to develop marketing and implement new initiatives to improve physician relationships with both referring providers and hospitals. Assisted physician practices in developing and implementing new services
  • Implemented operational changes to three outpatient Cardiology Clinics and testing centers while overseeing operational changes to improve efficiencies in scheduling patent access to 35 Cardiologists


  • Master’s Degree – Business Management
  • Bachelor of Science Degree
  • Cardiopulmonary Technologist Program

Profile Reference: CVA1-AM

Stroke Coordinator

Highly-experienced and long-trusted nurse practitioner with a passion for neuroscience services. This interim assignee is a stroke accreditation expert with a strong clinical background.

Career Highlights

  • Responsible for the development of a comprehensive stroke program designation
  • Oversaw all neuroscience-based educational presentations for nursing emergency management service personnel, interventional technologists, and residents
  • Identified lost and potential revenue for major university hospital by identifiying opportunities and resources that helped to guide a cryptogenic stroke pathway and maximize contribution to overhead


  • Doctor of Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing

Profile Reference: SC1-MK

If you are interested in any of the Interim Professionals above, please call our office at 412.364.8200 and ask to speak to our IM Specialist for more information.