Webinar Recording - Outcomes of Accreditation: It’s All in the Data!

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A greater focus on consistently monitoring quality outcomes data from clinical registries is vital for a program’s success. But why should a program care about outcomes data? What benefits does regular external review bring? Data outcomes provide the groundwork for sustainable growth in CV services by providing quantifiable benchmarks and comparators for certain key indicators that relate to the quality of care delivery. Monitoring data outcomes provides a program with the opportunity to establish continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiatives. Leading programs have consistently reported exceptional value from achieving accreditation as one solution for driving continuous quality improvement effort, while also ensuring a formal structure for stellar outcomes. Choosing accreditation, regardless of state or agency-mandated requirements, could make the difference for clinical, operational, and financial success…and Corazon will show you how.

Join our experts for this webinar that discussed the integral outcomes of accreditation, including:

  • The impact of accreditation for ensuring “best practices” and societal guideline adherence
  • How accreditation can be the driving force for program excellence
  • The direct correlation of clinical standardization and operational processes with a program’s outcomes data

Attendees learned how Corazon’s unique, collaborative approach employs service line intel and translates that data into actionable items for optimizing quality. In addition, participants learned how the in-depth reviews of clinical and operational measures through the accreditation effort lends to opportunities for market differentiation through patient safety and quality of care.

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