Webinar Recording - Neuroscience Program Structure: Finding the Right Fit

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Neuroscience programs come in an array of shapes and sizes, with some as basic as only having a stroke program all the way to vast programs involving complex intracranial mapping and neuro oncology services. One size does not fit all. But, no matter what size your program is, how do you know your key building blocks are in place and how do you know you are succeeding? Corazon speakers walked attendees through the critical elements that every program administrator should know in order to successfully manage their neuroscience program.

Join Corazon's experts as they discussed key elements, including:

  • What are the key building blocks for a successful program?
  • With 2020 bringing a certain level of ancillary revenue expectations, is your program capturing yours?
  • New services are not always the solution to growth, but are you equipped to adequately evaluate new procedures and technology in terms of their possible effect on your future?

Position your neuroscience programs for future growth and success!

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