Webinar Recording - Distribution of Services / Regional Networks: Maximizing “System-ness” to Achieve Your Fullest Potential

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Did you know that more than half of the nation's stand-alone hospitals (53.2%) have lost money on an operating basis for each of the past five years, which is more than twice the share of system-owned hospitals (25.9%)?[i] This advantage tips to larger health systems or networks primarily due to the availability and careful allocation of resources that is better able to be balanced as those providers that demonstrate “system-ness”. Having the ability to directly influence distribution of services or direct resources within a regional network should result in maximum gains for healthcare providers. Especially in these unparalleled times when all hospital margins have become razor thin, it is even more necessary to urgently look at resources across systems and/or networks within distinct clinical services.

During this webinar, Corazon's experts discussed the following:

  • Defining the broad concepts of Distribution of Services and Regional Networks of Care
  • Leveraging the resources associated with these concepts for both health systems and independent providers to include positioning for growth in key service lines
  • Predicting the innovative, future models of care delivery that are associated with distribution of services and/or regional networks of care!

Ensure that you are leveraging all resources, especially in this “new normal,” to achieve maximum success of your key clinical services lines!

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Disclaimer: Please note that Corazon Webinars are intended for individuals affiliated with hospitals, health systems, physician practices, and other healthcare delivery organizations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

[i] Analysis of Modern Healthcare Metrics data

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