Webinar Recording - COVID-19: The “New Normal” - Are We There Yet? How Do We Get There?

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Join Corazon for an update on COVID-19 and how programs embraced the “new normal.” As hospital and program leaders continually face challenges brought on by the impact of COVID-19, the questions remain: Have we reached the “new normal” yet? How do we get there?

Corazon’s service line experts and our client speakers on the frontline shared “best practices” and insight for programs across key service lines, and discussed how different the day-to-day looks beyond the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lessons learned were shared so that other programs may better prepare for their new future in addressing the COVID-19 patient population and beyond.

Join our experts for this webinar that discussed key topics, including:

  • Understanding the critical value of physician and leadership collaboration through examples of their collective impact on day-to-day operations of a service line, and how their relationship, communication, and safety of their staff and patients have evolved
  • Examples of how digital technologies that were once only embraced within certain specialties have been operationalized and become a critical part of the “new normal”
  • What are the lessons learned as many programs have begun to bring back “scheduled procedures”, and what safeguards have been implemented? Participants will share their experience in managing the financial impact of COVID-19 measures and the return to the scheduled cases

Corazon understands these are unprecedented times and stands ready to assist as you consider the future and how to manage the “new normal.”

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Disclaimer: Please note that Corazon Webinars are intended for individuals affiliated with hospitals, health systems, physician practices, and other healthcare delivery organizations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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