Innovative Healthcare Design in the Post-COVID World

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

12:00 p.m. ET

As people begin to seek care post-COVID, hospitals and healthcare systems must safely meet their clinical needs and gain their community’s trust. Simply delaying care indefinitely until the danger passes is not an option for many patients, especially since those requiring invasive procedures and the staff who care for them are at highest risk. Families are an integral part of the recovery process and must be included in creative ways. Operational changes need to incorporate emergent scenarios, as well as planned, elective flows. Process workflow changes alone will not be successful. A facility that supports safe and innovative care must be thoughtfully crafted, now more than ever.

During this webinar, Corazon and guest presenter Hord Coplan Macht will explore reimagining the future of healthcare design and construction to best accommodate these new operational realities of our industry today.

Join us on November 10 at 12 PM ET for a complimentary webinar that will:

  • Define key operational changes that support both elective and emergent procedures, protecting staff, without losing a sense of immediacy
  • Present facility design options to support safe patient, family, staff, information, and supply flows through the pre, intra, and post-procedure phases of care
  • Address multi-departmental concerns of meeting COVID and non-COVID patient needs while providing an outstanding customer experience
  • Elevate awareness of infection prevention solutions, both facility and operationally focused

Position your cardiovascular, neuroscience, and orthopedic programs for future growth and success through the parallel focus of facility design and operations!

Reserve your seat today! As a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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