Expanding Service Offerings Beyond PCI: Opportunities for Vascular & EP Growth

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Thursday, September 3, 2020

12:00 p.m. ET

Hospitals already offering Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) services have various opportunities to generate additional revenue in the Cath Lab by offering new and complementary services in this area. It’s important to capitalize on PCI as a foundation for optimizing space and staff, and from there, through expansion, enhancing Vascular and growing Electrophysiology (EP) services is a recommended next strategic step for continued program growth and viability. This effort can bring greater focus on additional patient care delivered across the full cardiac continuum, which will thereby increase access to care, cardiac volumes, and positive bottom line impact. Nationally, EP and Vascular services are ripe for growth since patients within these two subspecialties typically are untapped and the therapies under-utilized in most markets.

Don’t miss out on crucial opportunities in EP and Vascular that can provide value-added services to your hospital. Register today to learn more!

Join Corazon for a complimentary webinar that will:
  • Discuss historical and future trends in EP and Vascular procedures;
  • Review steps that must be taken to be sure these programs adhere and remain compliant with all applicable regulations and guidelines;
  • Examine how data analytics can be used to determine volume opportunity;
  • Present examples of typical investments and returns from client experiences;
  • Warn of common errors, mistakes, and pitfalls many make in the process of planning and implementing these programs.

Position your hospital for future growth and success! Organizations that have already completed the foundational work associated with adding PCI services are much better positioned for the future as EP and Vascular growth trends continue.

Join us to learn the strategies and tactics needed to demonstrate the viability of expanding services in the Cath Lab to include EP and Vascular through this can’t-miss session! Reserve your seat today! As a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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