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Manpower Assessment

Optimize your Human Resources

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Social Media Packages

Optimize Your Online Social Presence

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Operations Assessments

Identify Opportunities for Improvement

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Optimize Your New Hire's Success

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Compensation Reviews

Utilize the Corazon Recruitment Team's Expertise

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Corazon’s Placement Plus +

Corazon has long offered search and placement services for clients all over the country…

But do you know Corazon also offers additional services to make your recruitment and hiring process as seamless as possible, including…

  1. Manpower Assessments
  2. Social Media Packages
  3. Operations Assessments
  4. Onboarding
  5. Compensation Reviews


Our Offerings

1. Manpower Assessment

Whether initiating a new program or service, or expanding upon existing clinical offerings, you need to ensure your service line has the right complement of talent in the right roles.


Corazon will evaluate your team’s performance, efficiency, and capacity to make recommendations for hiring decisions.

2. Social Media Package

Having a social media presence is extremely important in the recruitment process. It allows your organization to be visible to prospective candidates, presenting opportunities for them to find you or you to find them!


Corazon’s Social Media Package will help advertise your job opening and recruit the right candidates through social media postings.

3. Operations Assessment


Maintaining standard processes and benchmarking those metrics are important components of a program. Corazon can help you evaluate and develop your program for future success!


Corazon offers Operation Assessments to analyze data and flowthrough, and provide solid recommendations to enhance your program performance.

4. Onboarding


The onboarding process is what creates success for the new hire. It bridges the new hire to their role and responsibilities to the organization and program.


Corazon will assist with the orientation process of your new hire. Introducing and mentoring them to your organization’s culture and developing their plan of action to lead to success in their new role.

5. Compensation Reviews


When bringing on a new hire, the compensation and negotiation process can be a tedious and stressful task.

Corazon will assist in developing contracts and compensation scenarios that are within fair market value based off compensation guidelines.