A Message from Corazon's President and CEO

Karen Hartman
You know Corazon. For nearly 20 years, Corazon has been THE leading firm for service line planning, implementation, and development, with a range of services unmatched in the industry.

You trust us. Our clients know that our team of Service Line Experts goes above and beyond to deliver excellence in service and product, on time and on budget.

We are still here to help! While COVID-19 threatens all hospitals across the country, regardless of scope of services, size, or location, the impact on key service lines such as cardiovascular, neuroscience, and orthopedics will be severe. Not only are elective cases being deferred indefinitely, but vital clinical areas such as cath labs and ORs are being repurposed for the influx of COVID-19 patients. Emergent cardiac or neuro patients may then be displaced, and lifesaving care can be placed at risk.

You need us. Corazon has moved quickly to address the multi-faceted needs of our client community during this unprecedented time. We have developed resources and services that clients need NOW to either prepare for the coming onslaught of COVID-19, or enact quickly as cases present to their EDs. Our new services are bred from experience with all facets of service line consulting, just newly-packaged in a way that addresses what hospitals need the most right now.

Stay connected. We also recognize the importance of client connection and communication at this time, along with the need to educate our clients and colleagues about the impact of COVID-19 on areas outside the ED, where most of the focus has been directed. With weekly distance learning opportunities, we bring the latest information to you, a valuable opportunity when the situation changes almost daily.

Join us. As this pandemic unfolds, we are on the front-end of what is sure to be long-term impact on service lines everywhere. Our team is available – to continue ongoing client project work, to offer new services to help you prepare, and to be a resource for information and education during this confusing phase of care delivery. We invite you to reach out, stay connected, and continue to view Corazon as your trusted partner for service line excellence. Now more than ever.

Call today to discuss your options, or click around on our website to learn more about what’s available to you for continued preparedness for now and also for when the pandemic ends and transition back to normal will be challenging.

Stay Healthy, Stand Strong
And know we’re here to stand with you,

Karen Hartman
President and CEO