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Cardiac Procedural Care in the Future: A Shift to ASCs - A Panel Discussion

Thursday, January 28, 2021
12 PM ET

As many states reevaluate regulations that oversee the procedures that can be performed in Ambulatory Surgery Centers, this inevitable shift is happening at various speeds across the country. More and more procedures are moving from the hospital inpatient setting into ASCs or OBLs, mostly due to permitted reimbursement codes, clinical technology advances, and proof of patient safety for further case types, including cardiac intervention (PCI). As additional procedures move out of the hospital, there are many clinical, operational, and financial factors to consider.

Join industry experts for this Corazon-moderated panel discussion that will take a comprehensive view of cardiac care in the ASC setting. Via an interactive roundtable format, participants will hear about important topics related to this shift, and be able to ask questions and gain insight into all facets, including:

  1. High-level strategic planning for determining market and patient potential, including the determination of realistic expectations for volume opportunity while considering patient selection and appropriateness.
  2. More granular details of planning that include economic analysis and the cost/benefit/risks of shifting various case types out of the inpatient model; what does this mean for the hospital.
  3. Implementation activities that consider space and facility aspects of the setting of care shift, along with necessary operational changes and needs to ensure a smooth transition.
  4. Nuances of administrative and physician alignment models in consideration of new and/or shared space and equipment; what innovative ownership and leadership models will best position the ASC for success.
  5. Quality assurance in the outpatient setting, despite limited regulatory oversight; how to assure clinical quality and operational efficiencies, and how ASC accreditation can strategically position the organization for excellence.

This is a can’t-miss session…reserve your seat todayAs a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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The Value of Accreditation: Strategic Rationale to Evaluate, Enhance, & Excel CV Performance

Thursday, February 11, 2021
12 PM ET

Varying perspectives exist about the ideal requirements necessary to improve access to advanced cardiac care while keeping clinical quality and patient outcomes as key priorities. Program accreditation has swiftly moved to the strategic forefront for programs in states that employ more strict criteria related to the ability to offer life-saving clinical services. In states without formal guidelines, accreditation can be equally valuable for verifying best-practice, and in the process, providing a competitive advantage for a service that’s becoming more widespread into all hospital (and even ASC) settings.

Corazon’s customized collaborative E3 Accreditation Approach takes key CV program data and translates that into actionable items for optimizing quality, along with clinical, operational, and overall performance measures that could have financial impact. Join Corazon to gain insight into the value of our process for ongoing program quality assurance and best practice, and how this proven approach can help your hospital achieve and sustain program excellence, and offer opportunities for market differentiation.

Corazon’s experts will share client examples and results of this successful approach, focusing on physician and leadership engagement, direct leadership involvement in in program quality, strict adherence to national and societal guidelines, and evaluation of specific metrics and data collection to ensure the highest level of quality care and outcomes. Using real-world improvement evidence and blinded client data, Corazon will share the proven accreditation methods that drive performance when and where necessary to create service excellence.

The E3 accreditation journey is unique and will be presented to highlight and outline key elements including:

  • The rationale for accreditation and the value of this strategy;
  • Achieving “best practice” via the accreditation process;
  • Facilitating physician and executive leadership involvement in effort to drive performance improvement and program excellence;
  • How to meaningfully measure and share outcomes for CQI;
  • Engaging direct care providers with a “boots on the ground” tactic in decision making and program sustainability; and
  • Sustaining quality into the future.

This is a can’t-miss session…reserve your seat today! Learn how Corazon’s E3 approach has assisted numerous programs across the country to achieve accreditation and offer outstanding patient care. As a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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Women & Heart Disease: Program Development to Meet Ongoing Community Need

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
12 PM ET

Women account for greater than 65% of cardiovascular (CV) patients and influence over 90% of healthcare decision making for a household. Moreover, research has documented that women have unique symptoms when presenting with a heart attack, and they have higher morbidity and mortality rates after a CV event. Heart disease is by far the #1 killer of women in the U.S., with 1 in 5 diagnosed with heart disease.

Women’s Heart Health Programs, whether in the firm of gender-specific screening and education or a designated stand-alone Center, can serve as an effective gateway to women’s purchasing power. They have potential to differentiate your heart program from competitors, and can expand the top of the CV service line funnel for downstream volume and revenue. Further, since women are more compliant with care plans than men, they will likely experience better clinical outcomes, leading to better cost outcomes for the program if/when patients are diagnosed early and managed consistently.

Presented in partnership with Corazon alliance member Vicki Lucas, Principal of Vicki Lucas, LLC, this session will discuss the strategic business development of these programs in traditional payor and value-based payor environments, along with the potential for direct and downstream return-on-investment. Join us to explore the importance of women-specific programming within cardiovascular services, and the steps needed to implement a successful approach through building effective synergies with an existing CV program.

Join our experts for a complimentary webinar that will:

  • Outline the top ten strategies for success when considering branded program components or full service line or Center implementation.
  • Explore how to take advantage of significant direct and downstream benefits of a women’s heart program, such as halo volume to other service lines, philanthropic fundraising opportunities, and partnerships with Women’s Heart organizations.
  • Learn program options that can increase public relations visibility and the value of CV program marketing dollars.

This is a can’t-miss eventReserve your seat today! As a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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The Heart / Brain Connection – Opportunity for Neuro Intervention in the Cardiac Space

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
12 PM ET

Organizations that experience success with a well-established, fully-functional cath lab often find that initial achievement of goals (quality, volume, revenue, etc.) is quickly followed by questions about how to sustain it for the long term. Questions about program expansion are usually the first to emerge, often accompanied by considerations to either open additional labs or grow the scope of clinical capabilities.

Indeed, making the decision to expand isn’t always easy. In fact, many established programs find it difficult to take the next step in cath lab development due to the clinical, financial, and operational challenges associated with such an initiative, especially in today’s economy. When considering such an expansion, you may want to look beyond the patient population traditionally associated with cardiac cath labs and consider the integration of programs outside cardiac alone. The inclusion of neurovascular interventional capabilities within the cath lab setting can be key to optimal utilization of resources, increased staff efficiency, and streamlined operations.

Join Corazon’s experts on February 24 at 12 PM ET for a complimentary webinar that will:

  • • Review current state of cardiovascular services and upcoming changes associated with overall volumes
    • Examine legislative changes related to thrombectomy-capable centers and their impact on your organization
    • Understand the ability to capitalize on current cardiac cath lab/hybrid /radiology interventional suites with the addition of neurological services
    • Evaluate the overall business value in adding neuro intervention services to your organization

Position your cardiovascular program for future growth and success with the addition of neuro interventions… Corazon will share the hows and whys of such an initiative, and explore this next-level aspect of the heart and brain connection. Cross-service expansion in CV and neuro can bring great potential for overall progress and prosperity for both programs.

This is a can’t-miss eventReserve your seat today! As a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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Options and Opportunity: Does a Structural Heart Program Make Sense for Your Organization?

Tuesday, March 30, 2021
12 PM ET

The term ‘structural heart disease’ was first introduced at the 1999 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) meeting, and over the past 20 years, tremendous advances in therapeutic modalities and technologies for this disease have emerged. Advancements in TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) and other structural heart therapies like LAAC (left atrial appendage closure) and TMV (transcatheter mitral valve) repair and replacement have expanded the ability to improve quality of life for those suffering from structural conditions.

Heart valve disease is the most common structural heart disease with more than five million Americans diagnosed each year. Of these patients, approximately 4 million have significant mitral valve insufficiency, 250,000 suffer from mitral regurgitation, and 1.5 million have aortic stenosis (AS), of which more than 500,000 have been classified as severe. And with an aging population, people living longer, and many patients going un- or under-treated, the demand for programmatic inclusion of these treatments becomes clear.

Nationwide there is a recognized lack of availability for appropriate care, chief among just these few of many reasons to consider adding structural heart offerings to the scope of CV services at your organization. However, a dedicated structural heart program can be clinically intense, financially expensive, and operationally complex to initiate.

During this webinar, Corazon experts will explore the important value of adding structural heart offerings to your organization and the steps needed to implement a program efficiently and with positive bottom line impact.

Join our experts on March 30 at 12 PM ET for a complimentary webinar that will:

  • Evaluate the business case for adding structural heart services to your program – what is the cost and benefit equation for your unique situation.
  • Review what a structural heart program can bring to an organization, especially in terms of new volume and revenue, heightened local or regional reputation, and next-level talent.
  • Discuss the necessary clinical and operational requirements for implementation of specific structural heart programs such as TAVR, mitraclip, LAAO, and PFO.

Position your cardiovascular program for future growth and success by understanding your potential in structural heart services!

This is a can’t-miss event…Reserve your seat today! As a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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The Levels of Accreditation: An Introductory Look

Wednesday, April 14, 2021
12 PM ET

Corazon’s unique E3 accreditation process brings many and varied programmatic benefits to cardiovascular service lines, including increased focus on clinical quality and outcomes, increased data transparency, consideration for strategic planning and growth initiatives, and physician and hospital leadership collaboration to help enhance a program’s success.

We now have three levels of accreditation to best provide what your program needs to achieve success through quality assurance, whether state-mandated or not. Through understanding Corazon’s Gold, Gold+, and Platinum accreditation levels, you’ll be able to best choose the level right for your program’s needs.

Join Corazon’s experts on April 14 at 12 PM ET for a complimentary webinar where attendees will learn about:

  • The components of each level – what’s included – and the value gained with each
  • The importance of peer review as a proactive quality-assurance strategy
  • The many ways to validate accurate coding and billing as a means to capture correct payment for the care provided
  • How all cardiac program components can be best managed through Corazon’s newly-launched Accreditation Levels approach

This is a can’t-miss session…reserve your seat todayAs a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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