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All 4 webinars are included in this series package:

Part 1: Spine Program Strategy - COMPLETED
Thursday, June 6 at 1 PM ET

Part 2: Success in the Spine Outpatient Setting

Thursday, July 18 at 1 PM ET

The latest trend garnering attention in the orthopedic industry is the performance of joint replacement surgery in an outpatient or pseudo-outpatient setting. Some of the reasons for this shift includes the potential to avoid the bottlenecks and inefficiencies of an inpatient hospital scenario, reduce costs of the procedure overall, improve the patient experience, and create a competitive advantage through a cutting-edge approach. During this second session of Corazon's Spine Webinar Series, attendees will learn about:

  • The changing reimbursement rules for IP and OP services;
  • Advantages and benefits of OP settings versus IP settings;
  • Competitive forces in the IP to OP shift; and
  • Need to prepare for OP care.

Part 3: Spine Operations & Finances
Thursday, August 15 at 1 PM ET

A significant consideration for all orthopedic programs, regardless of size, relates to understanding the care processes and the finances of each episode of care. An operational review will facilitate streamlining of the care processes, resulting in reduced overall costs, thereby improving not only the quality, but also the cost of orthopedic procedures. During this third installment of Corazon's Spine Webinar Series, attendees will learn about:

  • Review payment models and the shift to risk-based reimbursement;
  • Increasing pressure on orthopedic care cost management;
  • Quality care improvement and its effects on value; and
  • Preparation for partnerships with payers and direct-to-employer contracts.

Part 4: Spine Physician Recruitment
Tuesday, September 24 at 1 PM ET

The orthopedic specialty is a core service line for many hospitals, and will continue to offer the potential to be a high-revenue/high-demand service. But, as the competition for patients and physician talent increases due to industry changes, orthopedists and hospitals should actively pursue clinic and business alignment through vehicles such as co-management, gainsharing, and shared governance models. And strategic recruitment of these physicians should also be top of mind…

  • Trends in orthopedic surgeons availability;
  • Strategies for increasing surgeon productivity;
  • Challenges in orthopedic physician recruitment; and
  • Alignment and other incentive models to attract orthopedic physicians.

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