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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

2 - 3 p.m. ET

Corazon's CEREBROS™ Neurovascular Information System (NVIS) enhances the delivery of stoke patient care as well as the overall operations of the program. CEREBROS™ is on the American Heart Association list of Standard Uploader Vendors for data interface solutions for Get With The Guidelines - Stroke and is also built to support certification or accreditation through any of the national organizations.

This revolutionary solution is designed to:

  • Manage patient care;
  • Implement best-practice;
  • Extract certification data;
  • Standardize assessments;
  • Improve processes;
  • Monitor real-time data;
  • Provide education; and more!

Ready to make a real difference in the stroke care you provide? Join our team for an interactive view of this system's capabilities and tour key areas, including the Interventional Module from the CEREBROS™ Version 2.0 release. Register for this complimentary webinar to understand how to revolutionize your stroke program, improve the quality of patient care, and maximize program efficiency. Don't miss the opportunity to see this innovative technology in action!

Unable to attend this planned session? Contact our office at 412-364-8200 to schedule a customized interactive view for your hospital or to have CEREBROS™ presented at your next Stroke Team meeting!

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