A Closed-Door Policy? The Impending Paradigm Shift for Orthopedic Implant Vendors

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The relationships among orthopedic surgeons, implant suppliers, and the hospital have long held opportunities for programmatic improvement if a collaborative approach is adopted. Emerging trends show many hospitals are moving to "self-staffing" orthopedic cases in an attempt to manage the full perioperative process, drive down costs, and prevent the uncontrolled integration of high-cost technology. At the same time, device manufacturers are being encouraged to differentiate themselves with innovative supply chain solutions that will also drive down overall costs. The conflict is that this change may threaten the traditional lines of communication and relationships with supported surgeons and impact the usage of preferred products. These changes represent an imminent paradigm shift for orthopedic surgery. Is your organization prepared to capitalize on this shift for a positive impact on program and service line performance?

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