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Service Line of Excellence: Distinguishing Your Cardiovascular Program

Wednesday, July 8, 2020
12 PM ET

Gain insight into the value of Corazon’s collaborative Cardiovascular Service Line E3 (Evaluate. Enhance. Excel.) Accreditation Approach for ongoing program quality assurance and understand how your program can achieve a Service Line of Excellence distinction by elevating your program and promoting continued best practice.  Attendees will learn how Corazon’s customized, client-specific process will take key cardiovascular program data and translate that into actionable items for optimizing quality, along with clinical, operational, and overall performance measures that could have financial impact.  This proven approach will help your hospital achieve and sustain program excellence and offer opportunities for market differentiation while maintaining a patient centered care model.

Corazon’s experts will share the value of the service line approach that not only focuses on physician and leadership engagement, but also on direct leadership involvement in in program quality, strict adherence to national and societal guidelines, and evaluation of specific metrics and data collection to ensure the highest level of quality care and stellar patient outcomes.  Programs who pursue and achieve a Service Line of Excellence have taken on a commitment of excellence across the cardiovascular continuum of care.

The E3 Service Line of Excellence accreditation journey is unique and will be presented on June 11 at 12 PM ET as a complimentary webinar to highlight and outline key elements including:

  • The rationale for accreditation and the value of this strategy;
  • Achieving best practice via the accreditation process;
  • Understanding why elevating more than one service within your organization strengthens CQI and patient safety;
  • Facilitating physician and executive leadership collaboration and commitment in effort to drive performance improvement and program excellence;
  • Engaging direct care providers with a “boots on the ground” tactic in decision making and program sustainability and a continued focus on patient safety; and
  • Sustaining quality into the future.

This is a can’t-miss session!  Learn how Corazon’s E3 approach has assisted numerous programs across the country to achieve accreditation and offer outstanding patient care, and how you can take your program to the next level in achieving an E3 Service Line of Excellence Distinction.

As a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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Physician-Hospital Alignment & Communications: Strategies to Ensure Collaboration

Thursday, July 16, 2020
12 PM ET

The ability to collaborate with medical staff within a beneficial alignment model is now more important than ever. With the rapidly changing healthcare environment and uncertainty for both hospitals and physician practices, essential factors such as quality, reimbursement, and cost are considerations for focusing on a win-win proposition to benefit all parties.

This webinar will identify the necessary steps to be prepared for the new delivery paradigm in healthcare – a model that mandates a foundation of physician / hospital relationships based on trust, respect, and the open and honest sharing of information, which is crucial in transitioning to specialty-driven, patient centered approach. Participants will learn essential strategies to address the complexities of this care delivery model from both the hospital and physician perspectives – the key elements of working together for the mutual benefit of all will be showcased.

Join our experts on July 16 at 12 PM ET for this complimentary webinar that will discuss the following key considerations:

  • An overview of various partnership models and alignment strategies with focus on the pros and cons for each available today, along with legal and operational implications
  • Communication strategies to ensure engagement and successful integration
  • The importance of metrics and how to establish cost, quality, and operational goals
  • Fair market value and performance-based compensation models

This can’t-miss event! The ability to remain competitive within your own market will be enhanced by integration of these strategies to optimize clinical, operational, and financial performance.

Reserve your seat today! As a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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Neuroscience Program Structure: Finding the Right Fit

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
12 PM ET

Neuroscience programs come in an array of shapes and sizes, with some as basic as only having a stroke program all the way to vast programs involving complex intracranial mapping and neuro oncology services.  One size does not fit all.  But, no matter what size your program is, how do you know your key building blocks are in place and how do you know you are succeeding?  Corazon speakers will walk attendees through the critical elements that every program administrator should know in order to successfully manage their neuroscience program.

Join Corazon on July 28 at 12 PM ET for a complimentary webinar that will discuss key elements, including:

  • What are the key building blocks for a successful program?
  • With 2020 bringing a certain level of ancillary revenue expectations, is your program capturing yours?
  • New services are not always the solution to growth, but are you equipped to adequately evaluate new procedures and technology in terms of their possible effect on your future?

Position your neuroscience program for future growth and success! This is a can’t-miss event…Reserve your seat today!

As a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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Distribution of Services / Regional Networks: Maximizing “System-ness” to Achieve Your Fullest Potential

Thursday, August 20, 2020
12 PM ET

Did you know that more than half of the nation’s stand-alone hospitals (53.2%) have lost money on an operating basis for each of the past five years, which is more than twice the share of system-owned hospitals (25.9%)?[i] This advantage tips to larger health systems or networks primarily due to the availability and careful allocation of resources that is better able to be balanced as those providers that demonstrate “system-ness”.  Having the ability to directly influence distribution of services or direct resources within a regional network should result in maximum gains for healthcare providers. Especially in these unparalleled times when all hospital margins have become razor thin, it is even more necessary to urgently look at resources across systems and/or networks within distinct clinical services.

Join Corazon on August 20 at 12 PM ET for a complimentary webinar that will:

  • Define the broad concepts of Distribution of Services and Regional Networks of Care
  • Leverage the resources associated with these concepts for both health systems and independent providers to include positioning for growth in key service lines
  • Predict the innovative, future models of care delivery that are associated with distribution of services and/or regional networks of care!

Ensure that you are leveraging all resources, especially in this “new normal,” to achieve maximum success of your key clinical services lines!

This is a can’t-miss session…reserve your seat today! As a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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[i] Analysis of Modern Healthcare Metrics data.

Cardiac Surgery: Assessing Your Situation & The Five Keys to Success

Tuesday, September 15, 2020
12 PM ET

Cardiac Surgery programs are facing tremendous pressure to ensure quality, profitability, and overall viability, particularly as the county recovers from the COVID-19 crisis. Corazon’s experts have first-hand experience with many industry trends that challenge today’s existing CT surgery programs, including those that are working to establish new programs and expand advanced surgical offerings.  Many OHS programs have worked to stabilize their surgical volume, focus on outcomes, and implement strategies to grow their patient base. It’s important to have a coordinated Cardiac Surgical program, which can ensure prosperity for this vital service – so, your program will not only survive, but thrive!

Join Corazon on September 15 at 12 PM ET for a complimentary webinar that will provide:

  • An update on the state of the OHS industry and conditions that affect market entrance, program stability, and growth;
  • How to access the impact of COVID-19 on OHS delivery now and into the future;
  • How to perform an adequate assessment of your OHS program with “The Five Keys”;
  • Ways to achieve excellence in your OHS program; and,
  • An approach for driving OHS program quality and excellence through accreditation.

Learn how to position your Cardiac Surgery Program for success by maximizing internal operational efficiencies, producing consistent and meaningful financial reports, and exceeding national standards in cardiac surgical clinical outcomes. This is a can’t-miss session…reserve your seat today!

As a special opportunity, this webinar is being provided free of charge.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020
12-1:00 PM ET

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